Exciting Times Ahead

I had a really busy weekend a couple of weeks ago: on the Saturday we had a BBQ to celebrate my step-mum’s birthday; later on that day I attended Jessarae’s  first UK headline tour (below right) at The Bodega, Nottingham with the great support of Blanco White (below left) which was packed with supporters. I was lucky enough to be standing where Jessarae walked by whilst the support act was performing as he said ‘Hey’ in his gorgeous American accent. Then on the Sunday we had another BBQ in order to celebrate my Grandma’s birthday, so all in all a very full – in more than one term of the word – weekend.

However, the week before may have been slightly more exciting as my Insurance Choice for university went from ‘Conditional‘ to ‘Unconditional‘ confirming my place as a Journalism student at Nottingham Trent University. As of that day I haven’t needed to worry about or ponder the fact that I may not have done as well as I thought I had, in which case I would have been a Photography student as I was fortunate to have an ‘Unconditional‘ offer from that course. In a few weeks I, along with all of the other students in the UK, will be able to see how well I did during my A Levels and determine where those offers came from.

Good Luck to all students who are either awaiting their GCSE, AS or A Level results!!

And lastly, who isn’t currently talking about the Olympics? The opening ceremony was on quite late last night so I missed it, but the highlights looked as though they put across a pretty powerful message, alongside hundreds of fireworks… I’m an avid fan of Team GB gymnastics so I really enjoyed this evening’s performances from Brinn Bevan, Kristian Thomas, Louis Smith MBE, Max Whitlock and Nile Wilson and personally can’t wait to see their upcoming performances. However, France’s Ait Said’s injury looked horrific, I’m not a squeamish person but when his vault dismount lead to his leg breaking below his knee my eyes watered – I hope he recovers well and is able to carry on with gymnastics afterwards. It’s heartbreaking to see someone’s dreams and years of hard work shatter, literally, in pieces.


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